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Here are some of my favorite girls bedroom ideas.

Simple design tips and easy to create and apply.

I think decorating little girls bedroom are one of the funnest decorating "jobs" a parent can undertake.

They get so excited and you find yourself getting excited right along with her. SO have fun she will only be little once.

Below you will find links to our Girls theme pages and all kinds of tips and ideas. If you are looking for just general bedding check out our girl's bedding page!

8 Most Popular Girl's Bedroom Themes

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Polka-dot Theme Bedroom Page

Purple Themed Bedroom Page

Girl's Bedroom Ideas and Tips

Need Girls bedroom Ideas?

Sugar and spice and everything nice??? It is more like: Sugar and stuff and stuff and stuff! Decorating a girl’s bedroom can be challenging, because they have so much stuff.Keep this in mind when look at ideas to designing a girl’s room.

Lots of Fluff...

...for all her stuff!

Sometimes deciding on a theme for a girls bedroom can be real hard. Girls often have such an array of things, you can not see one clear design. However, this is a mistake. It is best, and less expensive to pick one theme. Design around that theme. You might have to get rid of a few things (shhhh).

What? How do you decide?That's tricky. Girls are often more particular about their bedroom decor than boys. *Important* Get her involved in the design process.

Need some ideas? What dose she like: flowers, ladybugs, or butterflies? Maybe she is a budding Ballerina. Want to be a cowgirl or love horses? A horse theme bedroom might be right up her stable.

Every little girl is a princess. What about a Princess Theme Room? That could be real fun, and pretty easy (you can't beat fun and easy).

Princess Sarah's Room, enter at your own risk! Check out our princess theme bedroom page.

Great Bedrooms Can Be Created Around Any Theme!

*What's her favorite color? How about a purple themed bedroom?
*What items dose she collect?

*Dose she have a favorite movie/cartoon?

*Dose she have a favorite stuffed animal?

*What room decor dose she already have?

*What dose she want to be when she grows up?

pink theme bedroom picture These questions will get your ideas flowing.

*Helpful Tip*

You can get real excited decorating, and start going in a lot of different directions, but don't.

It is a good idea to focus on one main theme. This saves time and money.

Every bedroom, girls bedrooms included need a few essentials to pull the room together.

First step? Do some brainstorming, and browse our girl’s theme rooms for ideas.

Here you will find lots of great girls bedroom ideas and pictures!

So search our themes, pick one and run with it. You can turn your girls' bedroom into a cool kids room.

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