Construction Theme Bedroom


Cool Room Under Constuction!!!

The Construction theme bedroom is perfect for little boys and big boys that like DIRT!

This is a fun and easy theme room to create. With just a few accesories you can really give it a construciton feel.

A visit to your local hardware store might give you some great accessories, inspiration and ideas.

Here are a few of our Construction Theme tips and ideas.

  • Use Caution tape. Caution tape can be found at most hardware stores. Tack it,tape it, or velco it as a boarder, half way up the wall or better at the ceiling. (Less likey to get ripped at the ceiling.)
  • There are lots of construction theme bedspreads out there that are cool and can be geared toward young boys or older boys.
  • Use a solid bed spread and add some cool pillows. Caution pillows, or dump truck pillow, ect...
  • What about a cool clothes hamper? Use a 55 gal drum. They come in metal and plastic. Set in the corner and presto a really cool hamper.
  • Have another corner? You guessed it another 55 gal Drum. "STORAGE" This is the perfect place for bats, balls,hockey sticks, ect.. (Stincle your son's name on it ex. Jason construciton company)
  • I love in the picture above the night stands. Galvinized. How cool. Places like Lowes and Home depot have these. I know they are for the garage but who cares?? Your son and his friends will think they are cool. (I do too!)
  • Add some construction themed posters. Danger, Kids at Work, Construction Zone, ect...
  • Galvinized bucket for a trash can will add a cool touch.
  • A great rug will help carry the theme to the floor.
  • Add a great Lamp!!
  • How about a really cool entertainment center?? (Do I need to say it?) Back to the hardware center to get a bigger galvinized storage unit. The large ones make great entertainment centers.

  • Here is some of my favorite construction theme bedding

    Construction Zone Kids Bedding Set


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